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  • He gestured at the ground and called out, These are the marks of shod hooves and the ruts of wagon wheels.

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  • And through Cuthan, who alone of his resources could pass our borders alive merely a courier, Your Majesty! he sends a convincing offer of peace.
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    Duggan went on, prompting Stokkum to yell out, What door?

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  • Many with an income barely sufficient for comfortable living set aside a fund for purchasing books before anything else. But coming here, to the Temple, this place of concentrated evil, had lit a torch, and by its light all the ugliness of Stone was laid bare.
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    I can only remember things like a white sign with a pimple on it, in Chicago, and then it disappears.

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  • Meredith McIver would like to thank Mark Burnett, Richard Casares, Steve Palitz, the Bosworth Family, George Balanchine, Alain Bernardin, Christophe D'Astier, Peter Irigoin, and Richard Irigoin. The Keeper lives, and the Kept will show us all the way to happiness.

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    Only the inner ring still beat the rhythm of the leys: that accounted for the glow within the room. He saw two others, standing sharply outlined by the sizzling light.
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  • To put myself into the first group would be to hate myself again, and I couldn't do that. It was not a sensible choice, she decided, and weighed the possibility of wearing men's clothes and claiming she was a eunuch.

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  • I finally hit the one with Katrina and her interrogator, a woman with a big ass who looked like Michaels's twin sister, vulture nose, droopy eyes and all.
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