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Usenet Reviews & Comparison

Welcome to We offer Usenet Reviews (aka Newsgroup Server Reviews) where we review Usenet newsgroup services. Our newsgroup reviews list only the best usenet providers, we don't waste your time with Usenet service providers that offer poor service. We also review newsgroup softwareusenet search and NZB sites. We put a lot of effort and time into maintaining this website and we hope you find newsgroup review information helpful. Compare Usenet Access Providers and find the right Service Provider for you.

Long Term Contract Specials

Provider NameMonthly PricePaymentRetentionReview LinkSpecial Offer Link
UseNetServer$7.90$95/Year1782 daysUseNetServer ReviewSpecial Offer
Astraweb $8.00$96/Year1781 daysAstraweb Review Special Offer
Supernews$8.00$99/Year1782 daysSupernews ReviewSpecial Offer
Newshosting$8.00$99/Year1782 daysNewshosting ReviewSpecial Offer
NewsDemon$9.95Monthly1778 daysNewsdemon Review Special Offer

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    Best Usenet Provider Specials 2013

    $9.99 & 1782 days ret.Normally $12/month.
    $8 & 1782 days ret.Normally $14/month
    NewsDemon$9 & 1778 days ret. Normally $15/month
    Astraweb$8 & 1781 days ret.Normally $11/month

    Recomended Providers

    • Giganews - Best Quality
    • UsenetServer - Best Deal
    • - Best Simple Service
    • Supernews - Excellent Deal
    • Easynews - Best Free Trial
    • Newshosting -

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      Top Monthly Deal
    • Astraweb - Best Value
    • NewsDemon -
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    • Unlimited & Storage

    Usenet News And Updates

    What Makes a Good NZB Indexer?

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  • Scam Alert: Copyright Infringement Scams Surfacing – Here’s What To Look For, And What To Do, If You Get One

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    Newsbin and Sickbeard Setup

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  • Let me give you some of our new booklets first. That must be the Earth, Ilona said in her breathy sultry voice.

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